Our Mission

Our mission is to be a crossing point where diverse people unite as devoted Christ followers.

Our Vision

Our community working together to experience the transforming love of God that raises the quality of life for every child, youth and adult in our families.


CrossPoint attempts to reflect the community that we are in. We have people from many different walks of life, of different races and ethnicities but we are all united in Christ.

CrossPoint is a missional church. We are comprised of people whose intentions and corresponding plans are to give itself away for the “not yet” followers of Christ.

CrossPoint is committed to racial reconciliation – “a commitment to building cross-cultural relationships of forgiveness, repentance, love and hope that result in walking in beauty with our fellow man and God.”

CrossPoint is a part of the Church of the Nazerene. We strive to make disciples through evangelism, education, showing compassion and bearing witness to the kingdom of God.

CrossPoint is an evangelical Nazarene church with a multicultural outreach and a discipleship mission.

CrossPoint is a church community learning what it means to follow Jesus and what it looks like to make South Kansas City a better place to live.