We seek to be a multicultural, missional Nazarene church who love, learn and live in community.  It doesn’t matter your background, life experiences or what you look like.  You are welcome here. 

From Dennis Solis, Lead Pastor:

A word of encouragement from Jesus through the Apostle Peter, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.”  Collectively, we have probably never needed to hear and listen to this word more than now!  May each one of us let it minister to us.  You, we, are in God’s hands!  That is the foundation we stand on and live by.  In the darkest of times, let us remember the grace of God that sustains us all!

Not only does the grace of God and His Spirit sustain us, it also leads us.  Right now we really need His leading.  As the Pastor of CrossPoint Community Church, I have been praying for it and asking Him to help us have wisdom for today and the days ahead.  I have been seeking the Lord and listening to the experts on this serious matter that is confronting our Nation and affecting every one of us.

Because of this I believe we need to suspend our Sunday services, as well as our CoPY Ministry for a while.  We will not be meeting until there are indicators that it is safe to do so.  This is important for all of us, especially those who are older or those who already suffer from various illnesses.  But we should also note that the statistics are indicating that this virus is no respecter of age as a percentage of younger people are also experiencing its strong negative effects.

Live Stream Service, Sunday 22 March 2020https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007877747438


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